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Creating Visual Advocacy

Working with Nonprofits & Organizations to assist with branded content & digital spaces.


MelBee has worked with more nonprofits than for-profit organizations...

I've always had a soft spot for advocacy, especially organizations that are making an impact within a local community. Women's services are my favorite and I had a really wonderful experience collaborating with three nonprofits who specifically assist local women. While defining their brand was a big part of the job, creating ways to speak to their clients through visual design made a lasting impression.

Value + Education.

When you partner with me to get your nonprofit marketing design, web, or content creation you are getting the value of the service PLUS education on what it looks like to use modern marketing and digital tools. Your nonprofit should be getting exposure and followers just like any other business.

This is my offer to nonprofit brands:

  • Your budget = what you get

  • You will get quality basics to build on

  • You will add a trusted advocate to your support system

  • You will gain insight on how to modernize + manage your digital spaces

  • Your nonprofit will shine brighter in the minds of donors and clients

Step 1. Look through my Services Page >>

Step 2. Discuss Your Budget

Step 3. Get in touch and we will talk about your needs and what can be done within your budget.


My budget is small–can I apply?

Yes. Your budget will dictate on what you will receive, but it will always be quality. Plus, you gain a trusted advocate to help you in the future!

should i purchase my domain name now?

It's not necessary but you can. I frequently assist clients with domain purchases or point them in the right direction. Remember, domain names are going to be paid for by you.

I usually refer all my clients toward Squarespace Domains or Google Domains (the cheapest at $12). Choosing a Google Domain also fits nicely into G Suite for professional email.

i already have a domain–is that ok?

Of course. If you have already purchased a domain, I can point it where it needs to go.

I am interested in self-management of my website.

Clients always have the option of self-management. Most of my sites can be built on a CMS that is user-friendly and can be navigated with some instruction and how-to tutorials.

I like the idea of management–what is the commitment?

My website management subscription–as I call it–is available in annual commitments. You get unlimited edits/content updates for the time period you select.
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will i own the copyright to any work that is done through you?

Anything that is custom made for you is owned by YOU. Third-party purchases to fonts, images, or stock elements are licensed and are copyrighted to the original creator.