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What we did:

  • Complete Brand Design

  • Website Design

Moon + Midnight Photo is a photography studio that captures life’s intimate moments with Caroline’s unique flair. She is also active in supporting local women-run businesses (especially photography) in Albuquerque, NM.

Caroline is known for her signature style (both with Moon + Midnight and as a freelancer photographer), and she needed a space to call her own–one that could showcasing both her portfolios. She also wanted to invest in her brand image.

Since Moon + Midnight has now been in business for several years, it was time to create a unique identity to go along with Caroline’s beautifully toned style that she was already creating on Instagram (@moonmidnightphoto)

We instantly wanted to build on that signature style you can see in her images and editing, and create a wider space for her brand to exist in. We put together a color palette, typography, and a custom-drawn moon incorporated into her logo.

The moon illustration was inspired by Caroline’s love of the outdoors and the Sandia Mountains, an iconic symbol in this area of the Rio Grande valley, New Mexico. We wanted to elevate and set Caroline’s business apart and give her a brand that would grow with her and have special meaning. We were very ecstatic when we were told that it was exactly what Caroline was looking for.

Website is managed by client & may differ in what was originally designed/setup by us. Please see portoflio samples.

Melissa went beyond everything I could ever dream of for my website, icons, and new logo! Working with you was a dream, thank you for being so patient , sweet, funny, and amazing during our partnership! You’re truly one of the greats!
— Caroline Mendoza, owner