Nonprofit branding, web design, logo design, christian nonprofit, faith-based - Lioness Ink
Nonprofit branding, web design, christian nonprofit, faith-based - Lioness Ink

What we did:

  • Website Design

  • Custom Logo Design / Brand Mark

  • Color Palette Curation

  • Typography

  • Facebook Branding / Setup

  • Tee-shirt Design(s)

  • Print Materials: Brochure + Business Cards

  • Custom Digital Graphics/Illustration

About the Project


Lioness Ink – supports young girls with academic experiences/activities, mentorship

Needed: Full branding and digital space design to create a empowering, but feminine space to encourage girls to leave their mark on the world. Bringing to life the lioness “mascot” was one of the focal points.

For the website, because Lioness Ink is still in it’s infancy, we wanted something simple but had plenty of room to grow. It was especially important that Lioness Ink’s brand transferred over into a digital space. All graphics and imagery was specially curated for the Lioness Ink brand.

Keep scrolling for a peek into our design process with Lioness Ink!


Lioness Ink is a new nonprofit in the Dallas, TX area, founded with the intention of reaching girls ages 10-17 who may have academic or financial disadvantages. The organization will help girls gain access to academic experiences like field trips, classes, and tutoring/mentorship. Lioness Ink’s mission becomes unique as it also strives to uplift the girls spirituality by promoting a Biblical setting and providing a mindset that there is a special plan fore every girl “to leave their unique mark on the world”.

With such a powerful and transformational theme behind Lioness Ink, it needed a inspirational (and feminine) brand to help the girls (and mentors) align with the mission. We wanted LI to have youthful personality and a meaningful “mascot” that would serve as LI’s visual representation.

Lioness Ink needed a inspirational brand

Of course no other mascot would do except the lioness herself. Several concept sketches of lionesses were submitted (see below) and the “geometrical lioness” was chosen. Geo-lioness was chosen due to her simple, but unique shapes; youthful appeal but powerful, knowing presence. Purples, pinks, and shades of turquoise was LI’s go-to color scheme.

In order to tie the story together, we needed some options. We wanted to create a main logo (logotype) for use on the website and future signage, something easy to read and clean-cut. We also wanted a secondary (submark) that would include the brand mark and the slogan–a graphic element that could be used on more mediums, especially on products.

We implemented a mobile-first experience with our digital spaces.

For the website and web design, we wanted the LI personality to transfer into the digital space with texture, hand-drawn doodles, and happy, colorful imagery. Altogether, the complete project covered: a website, full brand design/development, Facebook setup/branding, print design, and even a tee shirt design (printed by Celestial Screen Printers).