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By using this site you agree to the privacy notice and understand that it is your responsibility to periodically check this policy for updates and modifications. MelBee Design Studio is committed to protecting your privacy online and the text below outlines how your private information is collected and used:

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This information is for contact purposes–MelBee Design Studio does not share or distribute this information in any way.

Third party links: This policy does include links to third parties (i.e. links to Instagram or client portal). Third parties are responsible for their own privacy policies and MelBee Design Studio is not responsible for their policies or practices. If you are concerned about their policies, we encourage you to do your research and read their cookie/privacy policies.

Cookie policy

MelBee Design Studio only collects "personally identifying information" (such as name, business name, and email address *see above*) through its website when you specifically and knowingly provide the information (i.e., like when you sign up for the newsletter, comment on a blog article, submit a contact form, etc). Any information you provide is used solely for the stated purpose and will never be sold or shared with third parties without your expressed written permission. Please note that your name and website will be accessible to anyone when you comment on a blog post. You may request at any time to be removed from our email list (just see the link on the bottom of every newsletter).

MelBee Design Studio website may use "cookies" to collect information, which is used to help us update our website. This information is anonymous and is only used for analytical purposes; personal information like age, gender, religious or political beliefs, ethnicity, or health status is not and cannot be collected. You may opt out at any time by modifying your browser settings. This website is build on the Squarespace CMS, so it falls under Squarespace's terms and cookie policies too. If you need to read their privacy notices or analytical data collection, follow the links. You may opt out of cookie collection at any time by modifying your browser settings, however some areas of this site may stop functioning properly.


Maintain a secure website is a top priority and therefore maintains security measures to ensure your visit to our website is secure. However, no exchange over the internet is 100% guaranteed to be protected. You acknowledge that any information submitted through this site could be accessed by a third-party and shared without our knowledge or permission, and you therefore release MelBee Design Studio from any blame or claims arising from such a situation.

Terms of use

Anything that is related to the MelBee Design Studio brand (i.e. logo, graphics) that has been specifically designed or by MelBee Design Studio is copyrighted and therefor property of MelBee Design Studio. Portfolio images or graphics also fall under our property. Blog images (usually noted below the image) are either in public domain/copyright-free or have been purchased through a third-party. We do our best to note when something is not copyrighted by us.

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