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Step 1: Inquire

Apply or inquire by filling the form below. Melbee will be in touch within 1-2 business days to answer general questions.


step 2: let's talk

The next step is to start talking about you and your project in more detail. We generally encourage a brief phone call.


Step 3: quote & timeline

Once both parties have their basic questions answered and feel like this is a good fit, we will process an official quote and a project proposal.



Booking & Timeline

Please take note of our announcement at the very top of the website–this can give you a quick idea of how far out Melbee is booking projects. In general, it’s a good idea to plan ahead at least 1-2 months, especially for web design projects.

Estimated Project Timelines:
Branding (only) project: 2-4 weeks
Website project: 4-8 weeks

This is a big step for me–how do I know we are a match?

The best way is to talk. Melbee wants to make sure we are a good fit just as much as you do. Here's a few things that are important to us:

  • Community

  • Listening to needs

  • Long-term relationships + client education

  • The Big Picture (& how your brand looks in the future)


Inquire Below

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I am not in your same city / state, how will this work?

  • Melbee works almost exclusively “remotely”, even with clients who are minutes away. We have a certain process that we follow with every project, large or small. Through this, we are able to promote organized communication through a mix of phone calls, emails, and project management apps.

What is your design / project process?

  • Oh so glad you asked! Once you have reached out to us and express interest in working with Melbee, we send over an Info Packet that outlines ALL the details!

Do you offer payment plans?

  • Yes. All quotes outline payment options and generally, the total investment is broken into 2-3 payments over the course of the project.

how do I know I am ready to hire melbee?

  • There are two things that should spark the need to reach out to Melbee (or any professional). Firstly, you see value in investing in your website or branding and you see it significantly helping your business or nonprofit move forward. Opting to hire a pro is an investment–Melbee takes this seriously. Secondly, you have decided that your time is better spent running your business or helping your team/clients. Enter Melbee :)