Budget + Process

As a small business extra funds are always tight–but that shouldn't stop you from having quality visual design, a nice website, or solid branding structure. What if I told you, all this is possible with your budget?


For Budgets Under: $1,200

I'll help you build a new beginning for your brand

This option is for small businesses or solo-prenures who need some help getting started or a good push in the right direction. I will get you a solid foundation of digital imagery and a quality consulting experience at an affordable budget. Plus–get a discount on long-term graphic or web design services for future growth. Always look ahead :)

What you'll get: The basics that you can build on for the future, whether it's a combo of branding or web design, or a single logo design and printed collateral–I'm ready to help you get started!


For Budgets Over: $1,500

invest in your customer experience & your brand

This option is for entrepreneurs who have been in business at least a year and are ready to invest in stronger branding, a better website, or build-off what they have already started.

What You'll Get: Complete branding design/custom work, print collateral or product design, and web design for your business. Customize as needed and add additional services at a discount.


For Website Only Services

Establish your biz online in style

Sometimes you just need a website. Maybe you're ready to invest in one for the first time, or maybe you were left in the dust by a disappearing web designer! I've been managing websites for clients since 2013 (and I haven't gone anywhere). Based on your business and needs, I'll match you with the best option for your budget.

For inquiries about collateral design or general graphic design that is for a single product or item–you can tell me about it by filling out my general contact form. No project is too small. I respond to every inquiry. Get in touch >>

What is it Like Working with You?

Please read my about page–it will give you some insight on me and who I am.

Besides the actual services you will gain a lot more that "just a logo" or "just a website". When you consult with me, I educate. I offer tips on brand management, how to move forward for the future, and often answer a lot of questions about trends and technology. I can also put you in touch with other professionals who can help in other areas like: videography, photography, finances, or IT.

Working with me will take a bit of collaboration at the beginning; we will definitely go through a phase of learning and brainstorming.

How Does This Work?

Step 1: Inquire

You can't receive until you ask. Click the button under your budget area and fill-out the form. I will be in touch within 1-2 business days.

step 2: let's talk

The next step is to start talking about your business and your project in more detail. I will also tell you more about me, how I work, and go over the general process of hiring me. I offer a free, no strings-attached phone consultation before we move on to the more serious bits.

Step 3: We strike a deal

At this point, both parties will have their basic questions answered and are looking at getting serious about making a commitment. I encourage clients to meet with me face-to-face (if possible) at which point I will have a quote ready. I also use this time as a consultation where we can discuss deeper details and go over the project timeline.

This is a Big Step for Me–How Do I Know We're a Match?

The best way is to talk. While there may be some emailing back and forth at first; picking up the phone or scheduling a face-to-face is how I roll. I want to make sure we're a good fit just as much as you do. Here's a few things that are important to me:

  • Community
  • Transparency
  • Long-term relationships + client education
  • The Big Picture (& how your brand looks in the future)