Design + Marketing for Artisans


Hi There–thanks so much for your interest in my new venture!

I'd love to help to you with your current brand and website. Right now, I'm offering a discounted price while develop my service packages and marketing strategy with you–the artist in mind. If you've looked around my website then you know who I am / what I've done. If not, I'd encourage you to do so. Just to sum up my qualifications, here it is again:

  • I've worked as a graphic designer since 2012

  • Mostly "generalist" but most experiences comes from working in print production

  • I have a bachelor's degree in fine art and marketing

Why am I doing this?

- I'd like to begin offering design (marketing design and web design) specifically to artists and makers who make or sell physical products
- Rather than having random first clients, I'd like to obtain a few that are willing to collaborate while I'm still fleshing-out my ideas
- Because I'm an artist too! In art school there were so many talented artists out there, but when you're not presented the right tools to market yourself as an modern artist, things get discouraging quickly. I want to be there to help you get out of the starving artist rut.


The Details

  • Fill out the form to the right
  • Please be sure to select the business materials, templates, and design services you need
  • I will respond within 24/36 hours

The price

The most important detail of all! My rate for Package 1: $440 and
Package 2: $260. These services are discounted for just this offer.
Payment schedule as follows as you would hire/pay any other designer: deposit up front, the rest at the end when file(s) are finished.

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