For Nonprofits


Creating Visual Advocacy

I work with Nonprofits & Organizations to assist with branded content & digital spaces.


I have worked with more nonprofits than for-profit organizations...

It just kind of happened–at first they came to me.  I've always had a soft spot for advocacy, especially organizations that are making an impact within the community, right in your own city. Women's services are my favorite and I had a really wonderful experience collaborating with two pregnancy centers in 2016-2017. While defining their brand was a big part of the job, creating ways to speak to clients through visual design made a lasting impression.

Nonprofits get a bad rap for asking for free services or hiring people to do jobs on the cheap.
While it's non an untrue fact that those things do happen–in my experience, it happens because there is a lack education and value toward marketing and technology. Instead of turning them away, I decided even if their budget was small, it was worth the exchange.

Value + Education.

When you partner with me to get your nonprofit marketing design, web, or content creation you are getting what you paid for (value of service) PLUS education on what it looks like to use modern marketing and digital tools. Your nonprofit should be getting exposure and followers just like any other business.

Here's the deal:

  • Your budget = what you get
  • You might have to do a little DIY work
  • It won't have all the bells and whistles but it will be quality
  • You'll gain insight on how to modernize + manage your digital spaces