who is who


Melbee is mel :)

Mel is Melbee’s lead designer and manager. She will be your creative director, partner, and visual story teller. Mel has been practicing graphic design professionally since 2013, and got her start in publishing/print design. She has been supporting small businesses and nonprofits through visual design ever since.

At Melbee, Mel wanted to create a “design studio” that upheld transparency, listened to client needs, and encouraged clients to learn about how design can transform their organization or business.

Mel is always creating; when not designing for others, she is probably working on her own artwork, a crochet project, or sifting through an ever-growing pile of books. Mel is a native of New Mexico and lives there with her husband and their dachshund, Macy.

Are you ready to take your visual story to the next level?


Can you meet in-person?

Yes, I can. I am willing and able to meet with you in-person if you are located in my area. Please get in touch!

How do I know I can afford your services?

If you have looked through the Services page already then you know there is no mention of pricing. While Melbee does have base prices, we gear our final quotes toward 1) exact client needs and 2) client’s budget. Every designer has different pricing so it’s not really possible to “know” how much web design or branding costs, it usually depends on the designer or how small/large the agency is. Please get in touch with us! Melbee will be happy to give you a base cost or be able to tell you what you can get for what you can afford. Go here >>

How do you track your time?

My #1 goal is to stay transparent. I track my time and send reports when tasks have been completed. I have a project management app in place to manage our communication, paperwork, and even files.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. All projects come with the option of paying for the total in (2-3) payments over the course of the project duration.

I'd feel more comfortable speaking to you...can I setup a phone call?

Absolutely! It's a great way to get started and to answer pressing questions. Please fill out my contact form and let me know you're interested in scheduling a phone call. Contact me >>