i like stories.

Even better, I like creating stories. Ones that capture attention, are emotionally expressive, and are genuine. Especially those.

Guess what? Your audience loves stories too. That's why I partner with small businesses, nonprofits, and creative teams to curate brands that need thoughtfully crafted visuals, marketing materials, and digital experiences. I also like to get to know your audience, so that every design that is created is not just eye candy, but a powerful (authentic) marketing tool.

My greatest design "skill" isn't manipulating elments, color, or fonts; it is my intuitiveness. Being able to pick up on details–and then expanding on them to create a story that meshes with a brand–is what I do best.

As a consultant, I can work on a team, one-on-one, per project, or long-term. To get all the details about hiring me for your project (or on your team), please get in touch!

How Can I Help You?

Let me be your design-navigator! There is so much out there nowadays with technology changing daily, social media trends, or a new app or software update that "needs" to be learned. I make it a point to help clients simplify and minimize the struggle between keeping their brand updated and in-line with their visual "personality" and the digital or physical output (i.e. service or product).

I also educate my clients; anything that they can manage or accomplish themselves on a daily basis is a win-win. Making the investment of hiring a creative consultant is a big deal; I make it a priority to help you identify the issue(s) you're having with your brand, website, or branded content and find a solution as effectively (and affordability) as possible. As a entrepreneur myself–I know the struggle is real!

If you're ready to talk, I can offer you a completely free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your goals or needs.

a bit more about me.

the beginning

I was pretty satisfied with becoming a "graphic designer" from a young age. During college I freelanced and worked in a print shop; I worked a lot because I didn't rely on just academia to teach me design skills. I also opted for a marketing minor and interned with several art-based businesses during my university days.
In 2013 I officially began consulting with clients.

I remember being completely obsessed with dreaming up new business ideas, and would spend hours researching it. When I was 13 I started a pen pal exchange website; by 16 I was blogging and reviewing books, even getting a phone call with an editor from Penguin publishing (my geeky heart was full!). My first "design" experience was customizing those super plain Blogger templates–anyone remember those days?

the now

When I'm not designing for others, you can find me working on my own illustrations and artwork, collecting too many plants, or knitting. I've lived across New Mexico; currently I divide my time between the ABQ metro area and Santa Fe, NM. I enjoy traveling with my partner J.C. and my lovely little dachshund, Macy.




Can you meet in-person?

Yes, I can. I am able to meet with you in-person if you are located in: Albuquerque metro areas and Santa Fe as well as Ruidoso / Lincoln County, NM.

How do you track your time?

My #1 goal is to stay transparent. I track my time and send reports when tasks have been completed. I use Asana to manage our communication and tasks– I'll be happy to show you how to setup a management app for your own tasks too!

I'd feel more comfortable speaking to you...can I setup a phone call?

Absolutely! It's a great way to get started and to answer pressing questions. Please fill out my contact form and let me know you're interested in scheduling a phone call. Contact me >>