Hello, I'm Mel.


 And make creative, but important things happen.

My specialty is creating layouts, graphics, and web design that is centered around your marketing and your brand's unique message. I work with entrepreneurs/individuals or businesses to get them visual storytelling they need for their brand or marketing campaign.

I do this by listening carefully to a client's needs, goals for selling and marketing, and take into consideration your customer's vantage point. Once a concept is born, good design can stretch as far as the imagination. 

As a consultant, I can work on a team, one-on-one, per project, or long-term. To get all the details about hiring me for your project (or on your team), please get in touch!

My Skills + Expertise

My expertise


  • (5) Five years using/designing for
    Squarespace CMS


  • Layout design + graphics for print
  • Managing/designing materials for brand + marketing purposes (see portfolio)


  • for social media posts

Software + Applications I Know

 Adobe Creative Suite
(Photoshop, Illusrator, InDesign)
Squarespace CMS + eCommerce
Google Analytics
G Suite
Pages / Keynote

And more!


More about me

How long have you been doing this?

I began working under my studio name and working as a consultant by 2013. Before that, I was freelancing here and there as a graphic designer (in college) and worked at a printshop. I designed my first website however, when I was...fourteen! And ran a little digital "business" off that site for several years. I also blogged (about books!) and customized my own Blogger templates throughout my high school years. So nerdy I know!

what do you have the most experience in?

Designing for a business's brand whether it's for print or digital medium. Designing websites (with Squarespace) is included in that too. While I am not a coder/developer, I design sites that focus on User Experience and the brand's goals for exposure and selling. Everything all circles back to a customer's experience, so that's why I believe it's important to have an organized brand message and visual layouts that help support marketing.

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU'RE NOT designing digitally?

I'm also an artist. I love textiles, patterns, and illustration. I prefer pastels, ink, and pencil (and digital mediums).  I also starting knitting/weaving and I can't get enough of it :) I am a big plant collector too.


My little rescue-dachshund, Macy! Isn't she cute?



Can you meet in-person?

Yes, I can. It's a limited area but I can meet with you face-to-face. Please contact me for details.

How do you track your time?

My #1 goal is to stay transparent. I track my time and send reports when tasks have been completed. I use Asana to manage our communication and tasks– I'll be happy to show you how to setup a management app for your own tasks too!

I'd feel more comfortable speaking to you...can I setup a phone call?

Absolutely! It's a great way to get started and to answer pressing questions. Please fill out my contact form and let me know you're interested in scheduling a phone call. Contact me >>